Testimonials from Clients

I offer the highest possible recommendation for David Hammerstad to represent anyone that requires a criminal defense attorney… I faced a federal drug felony charge. I thought my life was over! Mr. Hammerstad explained everything to me and made my family and I feel comfortable. He was always available for questions and answered all inquiries. This was a very serious matter, after first speaking with him I felt reassured by him. Mr. Hammerstad thinks and acts accordingly on his feet when in the courtroom. He is very professional, and determined. In the end I got the results we wanted. I was truly grateful & blessed for his knowledge. He was amazing in court! I highly recommend Mr. Hammerstad for any serious drug related or any other criminal case!


David was my attorney after my arrest for patronizing a prostitute in Seattle under the Buyer Beware strategy to end demand. He was understanding, non-judgmental and incredibly professional in his communications, advising, and direct work with the prosecution office as well as the courts. He was a key determinant in my walk through the system and connecting me with OPS (Organization for Prostitution Survivors, they lead the program for men called Stopping Sexual Exploitation). It was my first time dealing with the legal system and his help was not only in personal support but he effectively managed to obtain a beneficial deal with the prosecution and resolving my case in the best possible scenario. I strongly recommend David to anyone in need of professional and supportive service.


Mr. Hammerstad was retained to defend our son for crimes which were committed in conjunction with an addiction disorder involving opiates. The charges filed involved property thefts, trespassing and trafficking. There were three separate judicial jurisdictions involved. The time of Mr. Hammerstad's performance spanned a period of eight months.

In each of the three venues, Mr. Hammerstad achieved results which can only be described in terms of a superior outcome for our son. Through his extensive and significant history in working with prosecutorial offices, he was able to guide and influence the direction of discussions which provided the most positive outcomes for each case filed. These discussions involved not only prosecutors, but for the most serious felony offenses, the charging Detective as well.

Final resolution achieved for all the cases were outstanding with the most significant judgements resulting in reduction of the felony charges to misdemeanors in the second degree, deferred sentences and the agreement for unsupervised probation for a period of 24 months. The judgement for community service as combined with restitution in two of the proceedings was of significance.

We are very grateful for Mr. Hammerstad's work ethic, dedication to achieving best outcomes and his overall high level of professionalism. We would not hesitate to recommend his exceptional service to others in need of legal oversight and service.